Influencing the Use of Computer Technology in the Middle Brain Performance and Its Role in Child Education

Research by:Heriyanto, M.Kom.

The application of computer technology who stimulated for mid brain and whole brain, can give positive contribution for education. By creating frequencies and other brain’s parts to be at a condition that we expected. Frequency and wave from computer technology can influented mid brain’s work to be stimulated and produce good hormones for humans body. By using certain Frequency which can stimulated gland to produce some hormones that we expected. Binaural Beat Frequency can interfered and stimulated brain’s wave to enter or make an expected situation of wave. By modulated Endorphin hormone with train the brain wave Alpha and Theta. Dophamine Hormone who produced by the mid brain can be stimulated with Binaural Beats frequency. Music has rthym and beats, those are can be produce by computer technology. Music has influenced for brain’s work, good audio or music is a good stimulator for brain’s work. Then music gives some effects for brain’s work and human’s brain progress. We can stimulated mid brain to give good effect for education. Frequency which produced with stimulated the brain’s wave to be a condition at Alpha and Theta wave. Endorphin can make us more energetic, otherwise substance or Endorphin hormone can raise learning will and memorize and it makes good contribution in education. Learning and memorize will be more easier to do if we have more Endorphin in brain. A balance Endorphin will bring a better memorized for children, and it makes them more easier to save and adsorb knowledge. Music can give stimulation for their progress with cognitive and EQ. Classical music produce Alpha wave which can make relax and stimulates brain’s neuron network in limbic system, it’s a part in memorized and perception, emotional control, mind control. Those things can control the emotion, problem solving, language, creativity, and other cognitive processes. We can see that application of computer technology can give support, and good effect for education.